Brick By Brick is a brand built on a foundation of trust and fierceness along with the motive to touch the hearts of every existing and prospective customer. 

In just six months, we have sold 1,00,000+ products to over 25,000+ customers. 

Brick By Brick is a Brand under Scanfit. On 

Brick By Brick s works on the vision:

Where there is potential to dream, there is scope to achieve.

The dream that an individual sees to be known by their people, is what we started with too. Becoming the pride of India and fulfilling all the responsibilities that come along is the star that we aim for. 

Our product values 

The idea was to bring all the luxuries and make it accessible for everyone. The motive is to incorporate the pastel culture, minimal lifestyle and subtle yet distinct features to even the remotest daily objects. 


Momentum Never backing down or giving up. We give our best for fruitful results but never shy away from the prospect of improvisation. 

INTEGRITY Maintaining honesty, transparency and moral grounds that was the foundation of our brand.

DRIVE energy, determination and enthusiasm to 'always be the best’ and 'serve the best' is the one thing we assure will always stay.

Imagination Every step we take, every move we make is a result of a strong vision and the creativity that goes behind it.

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